Brieanna. 24. Mingler. The Mitten, G-Rap.
I like to attempt poetic non sense. I'm also in love with Josh Hutcherson.
I'm probably more afraid of you than you are of me.
If you're looking for inspiration, stand in front of a mirror.
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So sixpenceee linked to a really fun makeup tutorial in her Halloween Masterpost. The specific tutorial can be found here.
I don’t have a whole lot of makeup to work with anymore, so I sorta did my own take on the creepy dummy look. Overall, it was a lot of fun and I’d definitely like to try it again once I have the proper resources.
So behold, my creepy makeup.

This is really great actually :)
He Has a Five Star Rating on Yelp


The therapist was old and friendly and spoke in a grandfatherly manner. He explained his method quite simply: He was going to use what he called hypnotic aversion therapy. I didn’t really buy into the whole hypnotism thing, but I was running out of options. My wife had been clear: It was the…


me in math class


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